St. Pauls House welcomes new stained-glass at the community’s main entrance.


“The Christ Window” is a bold and visible reminder, throughout Lutheran Life Communities, that Christ is at the center of mission faithfulness.


The original 9’ x 17’ version of The Christ Window was installed in 1953 over the main entrance of the Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights. In 1977, the window was removed and put in storage as the original main entrance was demolished and became a hallway leading into the newly-constructed Chapel of St. John the Beloved. Two decades passed and the disassembled pieces of The Christ Window rested in crates in a dark corner of the Lutheran Home basement.


It wasn’t until a renovation project in 2001 that the beautiful window was uncrated, restored and reinstalled. The original family of artisans who operate Botti Studio of Architectural Arts, in Evanston, were brought back to help Lutheran Life Communities resurrect The Christ Window.


The brilliantly colored window has recently been replicated and has a prominent place of installation in each of the organization’s six campuses.

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